A Little More Grace

But He Gives Us More Grace......  James 4:6 NIV


Our Mission

A Little More Grace believes the simplicity of sharing grace and promotion of wellness; mind, body and soul transcends brokenness to wholeness.  Our innovative outreach and partnership affords an opportunity for a woman to be transformed by renewing her sense of beauty, worth and value.  We endeavor to help you feel well, look well and be well!

'Butterflies can not see their wings, they can not see how truly beautiful and unique they are, but everyone else can.  Be what God sees; beautiful.'

  - unknown 

He hath made everything beautiful in His time......  Ecc 3:11


A Bit About Us

A Little More Grace is a nonprofit initiative that provides a woman, newly released from incarceration, with a makeover; mind, body and soul.  It has been shared that women suffer shame, guilt and devaluation due to their incarceration.  How a woman views herself; sense of worth, value and self esteem is not only essential but vital to her success of re-entry into her community.  Here at A Little More Grace we believe love is a definitive and necessary tool that transcends brokenness to wholeness.  We want to help a woman see her unique beauty; mind, body and soul by providing a free one-time:

*Life Coaching Session 

*Hair Stylist Consultation and Service

*Makeup Artist Session

*Professional Photoshoot

If you are ready for change, we are here for you.  Let's give more grace!


Our Founder

A Little More Grace aspires to help women re-enter their communities with confidence. The work we do at our women empowerment non-profit organization is aimed at providing a sense of worth and to encourage women to live free and stay free!  


A Woman In Action

Assisting those who are dealing with life challenges requires the support of one who can bring a different perspective to what confronts us from day to day; being willing to take risks is often a mandate.  Jacqueline has been actively involved with Prison Ministry for
over fifth-teen years. 
Her ministry focus is to change the criminological behavior of incarcerated persons by sharing the redemptive message of Jesus Christ.  Jacqueline has a Master of Science in  Management and Organizational Leadership.  She serves as a member of the Chaplaincy Volunteer Initiative Program at the York Correctional Institution for Women in Niantic Connecticut.  She is a member of the Office of Ministerial, Family and Volunteer Services for New York State Department of Corrections and Community Supervision. Jacqueline is a member of the National Association of Negro Business and Professional Women's Club Inc.  She is also a member and volunteers with the Yale African American Affinity Group (YAAA) and the Working Women's Network at Yale (WWN).  She shares it was her mother (the late Mother Iola Willis) who provided her with a modeled leadership role in women's ministry and fashioned not only her love but commitment to helping women.


The Matriarch

The Late Mother Iola Willis was a community catalyst, lead advocate, mentor and a proponent for the underserved, neglected and abused women.  Her desire to promote women's natural and spiritual wellness moved her to transform her local church's women auxiliary into a women ministry; "Women In Action For Christ."  The women ministry became a lifeline to those in need;  socioeconomic disparities were transcended by promotion of education, spiritual and personal development.  Mother Iola Willis served in ministry and community outreach for over forty-five years.  She was clothed with strength and honor; an exemplary wife, mother, grandmother and great grandmother. 

'Many daughters have done well but you excelled them all.' Proverbs 31:29


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